Historical Groton CT

Groton CT is a town comprised of many different areas of town like Groton Town, Groton Cityand villages such as Mystic CT, Noank CTand a beach community known as Groton Long Point that share different backgrounds and cultures. The first settlers, the Nehantics, settled here in the 1600’s between the Pawcatuck River and Thames River.

Rough times came to the Connecticut town of Groton when the French and Indian War ended and the Sugar Act of 1764 and the Stamp Act of 1765 were passed. Parliament closed down the port of Boston, crippling Groton’s commerce.

On September 6, 1781, the Revolutionary War Battle of Groton Heights was fought between a small militia detachment led by William Ledyard and numerous British forces led by Benedict Arnold. No one at Fort Griswold had expected an attack, especially after six years of false alarms. At sunrise, a force of 1,700 British regulars landed on both sides of the mouth of the Thames River. After the War of 1812, whaling became a very important part of Groton’s economy, but most of the expeditions were still for seal skins. – Wikipedia

In the 20th century, the shipbuilding industry moved from the Mystic River to the Thames River. Electric Boat is the town’s largest employer. However, until 1931, submarines designed by Electric Boat were subcontracted to other shipyards, primarily Fore River Shipbuilding in Quincy, Massachusetts. Electric Boat commenced industrial operations in Groton with the establishment of the New London Ship and Engine Company (NELSECO) as a subsidiary in 1911.

In 1954, Electric Boat launched the USS Nautilus, the world’s first nuclear-powered submarine. Presently, the Nautilus is decommissioned and open for visitors, permanently berthed at the U.S. Navy Submarine Force Library and Museum. Groton is sometimes referred to as the “Submarine Capital of the World,” due to the long-standing history of submarines in the town, and the fact that Groton has one of the largest submarine bases in the world. The National World War II Submarine Memorial East is located in Groton, including parts of USS Flasher.

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Groton CT is a town located in southeastern Connecticut that is active and vibrant. Groton offers plenty to keep you busy including hiking trails, beaches, shopping, delicious restaurants, nightlife, historical attractions, and history, it has become a vacation and wedding destination offering beautiful scenic ocean views. Whether you are considering visiting for the day or the week consider Groton CT for your next getaway or vacation.